Yoga Retreat


Increase your vibratory rate, learn again to breathe, relax, boost your energy, our Yogi and Tai chi masters, massage therapists and specialists in holistic therapies, offer many lectures, courses and workshops adapted to everyone’s desires and levels both to beginners and those in advanced stage.

Remember to check out regularly our program of activities, you might as well take part in regularly organized training courses at Jnan Lotf by national and international professionals of and personal development.

Contact us now and book in advance your Yoga – Zen and meditation activities.

Group or private lessons & Yoga Vipassana courses – Bikram – Kundalini

Silent retreat

Meditative Marches

Group or private Tai Chi lessons & Internship

Weekly Meditations & Meditations Internships & Spiritual Retreats

Feng shui / Reiki Internship

Cures Detox & Slow Food

Ayurvedic retreats