When gourmet pleasure rhymes with health and balance

Local cuisine, authentic and refined, revised and corrected so slow food and healthy cooking by Nezha, the hostess with nimble fingers.

 You will not lose anything of delicious Moroccan specialties, their spicy and fragrant flavors cleverly allied, but you will gain in lightness.

Ideal for your detox or slimming cures, Jnan’s cuisine will reconcile you to the art of eating without overloading.

Homecoming after a stay in Morocco while having succumbed to its delights, without gaining weight, or even having lost some, is a rare must-do to be taken!

Also, if the slimming and detox treatments are not your cup of tea, you can opt for gourmet menus where only love of good food guides the inspiration behind the dishes that you enjoy.

Personalized service, with complete freedom!

 Jnan offers you the luxury of a stay, where, free of all constraints, you will have time to listen to yourself, the pleasure of living to the rhythm of your body and your desires.

Meals are served at any time you wand, concocted menus to suit your desires. Order, ask and you will be served.